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Character Specific


Hermit - Judith's huge site.  Information, fiction, filks, essays and more.
Louise and Simon's Fan Site
- Includes discussion forums, chat areas and e-cards.
The Blake's 7 Appreciation Society.
The Blake's 7 Mailing List
Blakes7.Com - Information about the film-to-be
Una's Blake's 7 site - Include defence of the episode Animals, fanfic and a Stephen Greif fan page. 
Star One - Information about the characters, ships, equipment and episodes.  Very nice looking site.
Blake's 7 Guide - Make sure you look at the fantasy drawings.
Red's Blake's 7 site - Including several quizzes and a very cute Zen animation.
Blakes.Seven - Very flashy.
Blakes7 - Including scripts and a drinking game
C&B's Blake's 7 - Fun site with much silliness.  Not for those easily offended by f-ing and b-ing however.
Signs You've Been Watching Too Much B7 - Self explanatory.
Blake Park - Silly fun.  Vanished from it's original site so mirrored here.
Federation - Spoof site.

Character Specific Sites

Avon - Paul Darrow Fan Club Site
Callyfornia - Very very strange site.  Don't miss the crew's old school reports...
Jumpsuit - Fun site focusing on Jenna.
Three Good Reasons - Another Tarrant site.
Servalan's Site - Funny. 
The Alternative Servalan - If you haven't seen David Walsh doing his thing you've missed a treat.
Travis' Dossier - And lots of other stuff too.


Paul James's Site - Episodes reviews, sounds clips and frame captures.
The Blake's 7 Frame Capture Library - Huge selection of frame captures.
An Nova Site - Gorgeous digital artwork.
B7 Sounds - Sound clips from all four series.  get them while you can because the site is going offline at the end of the month.
Music Videos - Must be seen.

Fan Fiction

Blake's 7 Resources -Character profiles, essays, fanfic resources and the Hammer to Fall story archive
Ashton Press - Zines and online fiction.
Breaking Orbit - Nicola Mody's fanfic - also mostly centered around Vila.
Jean Graham's Fanfic - One of my favourite fanfic writers.
Undercurrents - James Ide's fanfic.
Katspace - Kathryn's fanfic.
Phoenix - PGP story archive.


Blake's 7 Merchandise - Judith's comprehensive list of merchandise (some of which can be ordered from the site) and suppliers.
The Zine Shop - Judith's online zine shop.
Sheelagh's Shoppe - The Together Again tapes and lots of photos and prints.
Alpha Bears - Completely adorable.



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