Delta Dome

Essays and Reference

Orbit and Hiding
Yes, you can find places to hide in a stripped down shuttle if you do it right.

Playing Games 
How to amuse yourself between daring raids against the Federation.

Blake's 7 Parents
A semi-serious look at what kind of parents the crew would make.

NEW Leadership in B7
A genius for leadership?


The links to the original song are external links to the Digital Tradition database and in some cases have sound clips of the tune.

The Ship with no Beer - based on The Pub with no Beer.

Two Cunning Rebels - based on Three Drunken Maidens.

The rest

My favourite online fiction
Links to some of my favourite stories.

My favourite zines
And a list of my favourite zines and their contents.

Photos - Convention photos and other vaguely B7 related stuff.



Odds and Ends


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