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My Favourite Online Fiction

I had an interesting time compiling this list and noticed some patterns to my fiction reading habits, not least that I like dark, depressing stories rather a lot.  Several authors also cropped up rather more than I realised.

This list is in no particular order and is not intended to be comprehensive but it's a fair representation of my preferences.  So - lots of Vila, lots of angsty stories, some humour and some random bits and pieces that took my fancy.

All these links are to sites outside of my own so do please let me know if they break down.

Vila Restal's Emails by Nicola Mody - A frequently funny, occasionally sad and always entertaining account of the events of the series and more, seen through a series of emails Vila sends to his mum, the crew, Servalan, Travis and others. 

A Dismal Performance - B7 in The Weakest Link by Marian de Haan - Funny and strange and very entertaining.

Alone and Silent by Kate Orman - An accident on a mission leaves Vila stranded, floating in space.  I looked all over the web for this story and it was well worth the hunt.

Tribute by Sheila Paulson -A 'Christmas on the Liberator' story.  Shortly after Gan's death Vila tries to raise the crew's spirits. 

Ashes and Diamonds by Firerose - Short, thoughtful piece, set some centuries after Blake's death.

Stories by Jean Graham - One of my favourite fanfic writers.  The characterizations are spot on.
Phantoms - One of my favourite stories even among this list of favourites.
Nowhere Else to Go - A post-Orbit story.  Vila wants out.
A Step Between - On Terminal, Tarrant is suprised to discover who his rescuer was.
In the Country of the Blind - Vila has trouble adjusting to the life of a rebel.
Mourning - Another reflection on Terminal.  Vila and Avon try to deal with Cally's death.
Retribution -Pre-Rumours of Death.  Cally doesn't understand why Vila and the others are willing to help Avon take his revenge.

Stories by Kathy Hintze - Kathy writes very well for Vila even though she does tend to give the poor dab a hard time.
A Choice Cut Of Fool
- Vila is acting oddly after Keezarn.
By Right Of Possesion - The crew retrieve Vila after an accident but he's not exactly himself.
No Greater Gift - Vila is injured by a security device and Avon is forced to reconsider his opinion of the thief.
Perchance To Dream - An old friend of Vila's is not what she seems.
Windows Of The Soul - Vila is captured by a Federation interogator.
Paid In Full - A Post-Gauda Prime story.
Touch Of Giving - And another.

You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby by Linda Terrell - Vila plays babysitter when the rest of the crew revert to childhood.

Stories by Sally Manton - I love Sally's writing, these are two of her humourous stories.
Dear Avalon - A thank you note.
New Years' Resolutions...Not? - The crew new years resolutions at the start of each season.

Decline and Fall by Una McCormack - Vila tries to comfort Dayna after Justin's death.

Face in the Crowd by AnnaS - PGP.  The thoughts of an anonymous observer at the execution of Blake and his crew.

From the Very Beginning by Marian Mendez - What if Vila hadn't dropped his gun on the London?

Stories by Neil Faulkner
Kriegspielen - As the fighting at Star One continues the crew are pushed to their limits.
Orbit - The Final Alternative
- How would the crew react if Avon really had killed Vila?

Stories by Rebecca Ann Brothers
Instant Karma - Vila goes to Gauda Prime alone.
Reviewing the Situation - After Malodaar Vila decides to get out.

Softly Comes The End by Maddog - Avon and Vila are trapped in a damaged shuttle.

Stories by Ann Wortham/Leah Rosenthal - These range from serious to funny to downright weird.  These Links are a bit fritzy at the moment as Ann and Leah are in the process of moving their website.
Cross The Border
- PGP, Vila searches for the other survivous.
Fortuneteller - Vila is offered a chance to change things.
Inside Out - Seeing an old friend brings back a few memories for Vila.
For The Birds - Avon and Vila are captured by a strange tribe who want something from them.
Better Be Good To Me - Vila's daydreaming.
A Furry Tale - Silly and wierd and funny

Between Life and Death by Loulou Harris - A fanfic about fanfic and fans and Blake's 7.  Very strange and surreal and well written.



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