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My Favourite Zines

This selection is limited by my funds and access to zines but will hopefully grow with time.

All the zines here were brought from Judith's site and I believe are still available.

Star Four - edited by Judith Proctor

Good mix of stories, mostly serious ones, but occasional humourous ones, and even the serious ones have those occasional flashes of humour that B7 is so good at.  

The logic puzzle Susan Beth devised had me stumped for days and earned me some very odd looks from friends as I sat surrounded by scribbled notes trying to work it out.

Particular favourites in this zines were...

Trade  - by Morrigan.  Blake and Avon are captured by a bounty hunter.  Avon tries to negogiate their release.
London's Burning - by Nickey Barnard.  The guards aren't Blake's only problem on the prison transport.
Rehabilitation -  by Gillian Taylor.  An accident brings back some painful memories for Vila.
A Christmas Canto - by Sally Manton. 
Sweet and sad and very well written.

Trooper Orac's Fantastic Plastic Army - edited by Neil Faulkner 

A wonderful front cover, that had me fascinated for ages.  Oh, and the back cover had me giggling for some time as well.

There's some lovely artwork and some wonderfully funny little extras.  The stories are, as usual in Neil's collections, very well written and original.

Particular favourites were...

A Clever Plan - by Marian de Haan.  Straight action/adventure and a very enjoyable read.
A Short Ride in a Fast Machine - by Firerose.  Postmodern style apparently, I'm not really up on all that, but enjoyed this story anyway.
The One Shot - by Morrigan.  A PGP story, which I enjoyed despite my fondness for happy endings.
The End - by Steve Rogerson.  PGP short with a twist in the tail which put a daft grin on my face for the rest of the day.

Parodies Lost - by Chris Blenkarn 

A scream.  How Chris managed to keep such a high quality throughout the over 60 stories, poems and filks presented here is amazing.  I laughed like a mad thing.  
This is probably the zine I've passed around the most friends, all of whom have enjoyed it every bit as much as I have.

It was hard to choose my favourites from this zone but as an attempt...

Your Call is Important to Us - You've all suffered through those god-awful phone's the B7 version.
Exbar and Barbarity - A Jane Austen parody, rewriting Hostage.
Nightwatch and After Orbit - Two short pieces from Vila's POV done as Shakespearian soliloquies.  Somehow they do manage to 'sound' like Vila even though the style is so completely different.
The Liberator Gift Catalogue - My favourite item was the 'bracelet safety clip'n chain'.
New Freedom, New Federation - Set at 'The Way Forward Conference'.  great fun spotting all the (often amazingly obscure) references. 

Stadler Link - edited by Neil Faulkner

Nice, cheap, simply produced zine, which nevertheless contains a very good collection of stories.

My favourites...

Submission Blues - by Susan Bennett.  A poetic lament at Neil's strict submission guidelines.
A Casting of Swords - by Neil Faulkner.  A very different look at Gan's background.
Mary Sue Meets the Language Barrier - by Marian Mendez.  Too funny!
The Young Ladies Home Companion - by Alison Page.  Very strange but well written and fascinating story.
Dreamshadow - by Nickey Barnard.  A thoughtful, reflective story, set after Terminal.

Pressure Point - edited by Neil Faulkner

Another fine collection of stories and another very funny back cover.

My favourites...

Becoming - by Jenni O'Connell.  A story set before the begining of the series about Zen and the System and how the Liberator came to be available for the crew to find.
Traitor to the Cause - by Susan Cutter.  A murder mystery.
Dupe - by Marian Mendez.  A long story taking up the entire second half of the zine and one of my absolute favourite PGPs.

The Way Forward: Crusades of Blake - edited by Sondra Sweigman

A very well put together, Blake-centred zine.  Pat Fenech's digital artwork which illustrates each story is absolutely gorgeous.

Favourite stories...

The Edge of Memory - by Pat Fenech.  Blake's regaining his memory after the Federation conditioning is a popular suject for fanfic but this is one of the best stories I've seen about it.
A Few Minutes More - by Rebecca Ann Brothers.  Short, and consisting entirely of dialogue this piece looks at Blake's attempt to find out about Anna from Avon following the events on Albion.
Fellow Feeling - by Sally Manton.  Blake wasn't the only one of the crew to suffer Federation conditioning and as they try to deal with the aftermath of Voice from the Past Vila struggles to deal with his past as well.

I Mutoid - edited by Emma Peel

Absolutely wonderful, squidgy, strokable, slinky cover, which more than makes up for the minimalistic style of the zine's interior.  The zine focuses (as you might guess) on mutoids and there's an incredible variety of stories here.

My favourites were...

The Weak One - by Oliver Klosov.  A drabble (100 words story), rather grim but I like it anyway.
His Brother's Keeper - by Betty Ragan.  Vila's POV.  On a mission gone wrong they crew find Avon's brother and try to undo the modifications the Federation inflicted on him.
The Mutoid's Tale - by Firerose.  Probably because I'd recently re-read A Handmaid's Tale I loved this story too.
Relations - by Penny Dreadful.  I reread this more than any other story and still quite quite put my finger on why I like it so much.

Not to Know - by Harriet Bazley.

A simple enough premise - what if Kerril has stayed with Vila and joined the Liberator crew - turns into a complicated, twisting and turning plot, involving Blake, Anna Grant, conspiracies, treachery - all the things that B7 was so good at, in fact.

The Totally Imaginary Cheeseboard - by Jean Airey and Laurie Haldeman

The Other Side of the Coin - by Jean Airey and Ruth Berman, with Laurie Haldeman

What if Avon and Paul Darrow swapped places?  A very odd idea but it works surprisingly well.  Avon's experiences at a Blake's 7 convention range from hilarious to poignant and poor Paul stuck on the Liberator is not a happy camper...



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