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Me on the Soma...

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A shopping trip to Tewkesbury Medieval Fair turns up an unexpected find.

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That giggle is perfectly sober - I haven't touched the stuff yet.  (it was very nice though ;-))


Mostly the Chaos Modeling session and Filming SF the Blue Peter Way.

CM-Laurie.JPG (71338 bytes)
Everyone hard at work on those models
CM-Leia&ship.JPG (58292 bytes)
Me with one of the results.
CM-LeiaLindaGary.JPG (80241 bytes)
Setting up the filming.
CM-strings.JPG (75407 bytes)
Stringing up the spaceships.
CM-TrisB5.JPG (68412 bytes)
See our wonderful expensive set!
CM-Destroyer.JPG (66398 bytes)
The middle bit even went round and round ;-)
CM-Liberator.JPG (62029 bytes)
We had to work this shot in somehow!
CM-lookup.jpg (49042 bytes)
The big finish.
LeiaSquiggled.jpg (54447 bytes)
Leia - Squiggly-Thing Wrangler.
LaurieCompany.JPG (71370 bytes)
Would you want to drink with these people?



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