Welcome to the site for our new boat. I have updated the site now that she is complete. The site describes the stages that the boat went through as it took shape over the weeks. As you will hopefully appreciate, the style of our boat may best be described as a cross between a Dutch barge and a Dawncraft. It is steel hulled, 40 feet long and 6 foot 10 inches wide.  Construction was by Droitwich Boat Centre and the shell was built by Alexander Boat Builders of Stourport. The sketch view is below. You can view a larger scale drawing of the boat as well as a scale plan by clicking on one of the buttons below.

David Heath

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Page 2  First Plates
Page 3  Bow Details 

Page 4  Shell Details

Page 5  More Shell Details

Page 6  More Shell Details

Page 7  Flying Boat

Page 8  Internal Fitout

Page 9  Fitout Update

Page 10  The Launch 25 May 1999
Page 11  Finished Exterior

Page 12  Finished Interior

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