Releases of Greatest Hits
Format Catalogue number Tracks
Greatest Hits [ sleeve 29kb ]
CD 8494222 1 Queen of the reich
2 Lady wore black
3 Warning
4 Take hold of the flame
5 Walk in the shadows
6 I dream in infra-red
7 I don't believe in love
8 Eyes of a stranger
9 Jet city woman
10 Empire
11 Silent lucidity
12 I am I
13 Bridge
14 Sign of the times
15 Chasing blue sky
16 Someone else? (full band version)
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My comments of the Greatest hits era

It's difficult to be positive about any aspect of this release. My first gripe is the title - count the number of hits on this release. Given that only seven of the tracks were released as singles (plus one which was a US only release), it's difficult to see why EMI called it "Greatest Hits". Surely "Best of" would be more accurate?

Why was it released? To strengthen the quality of EMI's catalogue before Capitol were sold/wound down. Given the few interviews I've seen with the band, they had very little to do with this, and don't approve. And who exactly is this album aimed at?

Of course, the track listing would always be contentious. Everyone's idea of the band's best songs is different, so I present below my idea of what the "Best of Queensryche" should be. It contains some early demo songs, and live songs, and gives (I think) a good idea of the progression of the band over the years, and also gives fans different versions of songs (rather than simply re-packaged versions of songs they already own).

1 From the darkside (demo)
2 Waiting for the kill (demo)
3 NM156 (live in Germany 1984)
4 Take hold of the flame (live in USA 1995)
5 Rage for order (demo)
6 Gonna get close to you (live in USA 1986)
7 Screaming in digital (demo)
8 The Dream (demo)
9 I Don't Believe In Love (remix)
10 Silent Lucidity (live acoustic version)
11 Scarborough Fair (Take 1 - MTV Unplugged)
12 Anybody Listening (Take 2 - MTV Unplugged)
13 Someone else (live in USA 1995)
14 Chasing blue sky
15 You (live from the "Secret Show" 1997)
16 Beside You (live from the Mancow Show 1999)
17 Bullet The Blue Sky (live 2000)

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Take Cover
Take Cover
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