Queensryche - The Warning
You scream but no one listens
Releases of The Warning
Format Catalogue number Tracks
The 206 EP / Queen of the reich [ sleeve 26kb ]
12" (1-4)
CD (1-5)
MC (1-4) Canadian
1 Queen of the reich
2 Nightrider
3 Blinded
4 The lady wore black
5 Prophecy
Queen of the reich (remastered)
CD Buy from Amazon
Tracks 6-14 are from the 'Live in Tokyo' video
5805282 1 Queen of the reich
2 Nightrider
3 Blinded
4 The lady wore black
5 Nightrider
6 Prophecy
7 Deliverance
8 Child Of Fire
9 En Force
10 Blinded
11 The Lady Wore Black
12 Warning
13 Take Hold Of The Flame
14 Queen Of The Reich
Queen of the reich [ sleeve front 132kb back 174kb]
7" Japanese promo PRP1116 1 Queen of the reich
2 The lady wore black
The Warning [ sleeve 47kb ]
LP (1-9)
LP picture disc (1-9)
MC (1-9)
CD (1-9)
CD (remastered) (1-12)
Buy from Amazon
1 Warning
2 En force
3 Deliverance
4 No sanctuary
5 N M 156
6 Take hold of the flame
7 Before the storm
8 Child of fire
9 Roads to madness
10 Prophecy
11 The Lady Wore Black (live)
12 Take Hold Of The Flame (live)
Take hold of the flame
7" EA183 1 Take hold of the flame
2 Nightrider
The Warning [ sleeve 181kb ]
7" Japanese promo EYS17465 1 Warning
2 Deliverance
Live In Tokyo
Video MVP9910752 1 Nightrider
2 Prophecy
3 Deliverance
4 Child of fire
5 En force
6 Blinded
7 The lady wore black
8 Warning
9 Take hold of the flame
10 Queen of the Reich
Queen of the reich [ sleeve 37kb ]
live bootleg West Germany 24-10-1984
CD TKCD1046 1 Nightrider
2 Prophecy
3 Deliverance
4 N M 156
5 Child of fire
6 Before the storm
7 Guitar solo
8 Blinded
9 Lady wore black
10 Warning
11 Take hold of the flame
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  Album review  
Photos from the Warning era
Kerrang! #77 Cover 39kb
Warning Press Release promo b/w 36kb
The back of the EP CD sleeve 37kb
Take hold the flame single advert 154kb
I think this was the sleeve for the cassette version of 'The Warning'
Some art inspired by the song NM156
Features on The Warning
  EMI press release
The story of how the first EP was recorded
Kerrang 77 September 1984 - their first UK cover feature (and the first in the world?)
Extra Kerrang 5 May/June 1985
Hit Parader feature on the 'Take hold of the flame' video release - not sure when from
My comments on the Hear in the now frontier era
Advert for Dio and Queensryche in London

Queensryche's first UK tour dates, supporting Dio in 1984 :-
8 September: Victoria Hall, Hanley
10 September: Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich
11 September: Guild Hall, Portsmouth
12 September: St David's Hall, Cardiff
14 September: Colston Hall, Bristol
15 September: Cornwall Colliseum, St Austell
16 September: Apollo Theatre, Oxford
18/19 September: Odeon Theatre, Birmingham
20 September: Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
22 September: Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh
23 September: Apollo Theatre, Glasgow
24 September: Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen
26 September: City Hall, Newcastle
27 September: City Hall, Hull
28 September: Empire Theatre, Liverpool
30 September: Apollo Theatre, Manchester
1 October: City Hall, Sheffield
2 October: De Montfort Hall, Leicester
4/5/6 October: Odeon Theatre, London

From http://4metal.blogspot.com/2009/07/queensryche-warning-1984.html ...

Supposedly, a concept album about environmental destruction through overreliance of technology. The track order is out of sequence. The proper album begins with the song "NM 156". The original tracklisting for the album was changed by mix engineer Val Garay under orders from EMI America against the wishes of the band. This original intended sequence is identical to the final tracklisting but with the following exceptions: "NM 156" as the opening song and "Warning" as the second to last track, displacing "Child of Fire".

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