Queensryche - Rage for order
I cannot help but get angry at times

Releases of Rage for order
Format Catalogue number Tracks
Rage for order [ sleeve 61kb ]
LP (picture disc)
CD (Remastered) Buy from Amazon
AML3105 (1-11)
n/a (1-11)
TCAML3105 (1-11)
CDP7463302 (1-11)
5810692 (1-15)
1 Walk in the shadows
2 I dream in infra-red
3 The Whisper
4 Gonna get close to you [ Video 4.2mb ]
5 The killing words [ Live acoustic video, 2008 ]
6 Surgical strike
7 Neue regel
8 Chemical youth (we are rebellion)
9 London
10 Screaming in digital
11 I will remember
12 Gonna Get Close To You (12" Version)
13 The Killing Words (live)
14 I Dream In Infrared (1991 Acoustic Remix)
15 Walk In The Shadows (live)
Gonna get close to you
7" (1+2)
7" double pack (1-4)
1 Gonna get close to you
2 Prophecy
3 Deliverance (live)
4 Queen of the Reich (live)
Walk in the shadows [ sleeve sticker 42kb ]
12" US promo
1 Walk in the shadows
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Reviews of Rage for order
  Long Island, NY 21 February 1987
Classic album review at revelationz.net
Photos from the Rage for order era
1986 promo - b/w fully autographed 56kb
1986 promo picture
Rage for order advert 53kb
Kerrang! #122 cover 247kb - Geoff and Chris in all their finery...
Eddie - 1986 promo b/w 38kb
Chris - 1986 promo b/w 36kb
Geoff - 1986 promo b/w 28kb
Scott - 1986 promo b/w 36kb
Michael - 1986 promo b/w 35kb
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Kramer Guitars promo pictures
Features on Operation:Mindcrime
  Kerrang 138 - after their UK 'tour' (2 dates in London supporting Bon Jovi) but before signing with Q-Prime and thinking about 'Operation:Mindcrime'
YouTube video clip about the Making of Rage for Order
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Take Cover
Take Cover
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