Releases of Live Evolution
Format Cat num Tracks
Live Evolution [ sleeve 33kb ]
Live Evolution CD sticker
Disc 1:EP/Warning Suite
1 NM156
2 Walk in the shadows
3 Roads to madness
4 The lady wore black
5 London
6 Screaming in digital
7 Take hold of the flame
8 Queen of the Reich
Rage/Mindcrime Suite
9 I remember now
10 Revolution calling
11 Spreading the disease
12 Requiem
13 Spreading the disease (part 2)
14 The mission
15 Suite Sister Mary
16 I don't believe in love
17 Eyes of a stranger
Disc 2:Empire/Promised Land suite
1 I am I
2 Damaged
3 Empire
4 Silent lucidity
5 Another rainy night
6 Jet city woman
HITNF/Q2K suite
7 Liquid sky
8 Sacred ground
9 Falling down
10 Hit the black
11 Breakdown
12 The right side of my mind
Live Evolution
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Live Evolution video sleeve
1 NM156
2 Roads to madness
3 The lady wore black
4 London
5 Screaming in digital
6 I am I
7 Damaged
8 Empire
9 Silent lucidity
10 Jet city woman
11 Hit the black
12 Breakdown
13 The right side of my mind
14 Revolution calling
15 Suite Sister Mary
16 My empty room
17 Eyes of a stranger
18 Take hold of the flame
19 Queen of the Reich

DVD extras

On the first menu screen move the directional buttons to make the cursor dance around the screen until the orb in the Tri-Ryche glows green. Once this happens press enter and you will be treated to a multi-camera performance of the song "Queen of the Reich."

DVD-Rom: Explore your DVD in the DVD-Rom drive in your computer. Open up the file Q.HTML with your favorite web browser (you can even double click this file to have it open up automatically). Here you will 30 second streaming video of all the left out animation from the DVD.

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CD inner sleeve 81kb
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