Queensryche - Hear in the now frontier
Releases of Hear in the now frontier
Format Catalogue number Tracks
Hear in the now frontier [ sleeve 44kb ]
CD CDEMC3764 1 Sign of the times
2 Cuckoo's nest
3 Get a life
4 The voice inside
5 Some people fly
6 Saved
7 You
8 Hero
9 Miles away
10 Reach
11 All I want
12 Hit the black
13 Anytime / Anywhere
14 spOOL
Sign of the times [ sleeve 44kb ]
US promo CD (1)
Dutch promo CD (1-4)
1 Sign of the times
2 Chasing blue sky
3 Silent lucidity
4 Killing words
Advance promo
Canadian promo CD DPRO1471 1 Sign Of The Times
2 The Voice Inside
3 Some People Fly
4 You
5 Reach
US promo CD DPRO12609 1 You 3.54
Interview in a jar
promo CD CDIN108 53 minute interview with Chris and Geoff
Voice inside
US promo CD n/a 1 Voice inside
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Reviews of Hear in the now frontier
  East Troy concert review 11 July 1997 - they don't always get good reviews...
Album review
Photos from the Hear in the now frontier era
People image from CD libretto 73kb
Children playing image from CD libretto 108kb
Pictures from the secret show to launch this album
    Geoff 64kb
    Chris 63kb
    Scott 93kb
    Group 88kb
Pictures from Pine Knob, Clarkston 17 June 1997
Features on Hear in the now frontier
  Geoff Tate interview
Scott's drumkit - a detailed layout and description
Chris DeGarmo interview
My comments on the Hear in the now frontier era

The beginning of the end...

This album was released in a blaze of no publicity whatsoever, it just sort of appeared in shops one day. It's difficult to say anything nice about this album, because I absolutely hate it. At best it sounds like Alice in Chains out-takes, at worst it sounds like an empire crumbling. The only two songs which resemble anything Queensryche have done before are the opener "Sign of the times" and "You" (which is in the vein of "Take hold of the flame"). However, they would at best be B-sides if they had been recorded earlier in their career. There are some nice ideas within some of the songs, and Chris even gets to sing on one, but in general there is a lack of cohesion, structure, and even passion in the songs.

Queensryche's US label collapsed half-way through their US tour in support of this album, and no other countries were even considered for touring. Soon after this, Chris DeGarmo left the band.

One of Queensryche's strengths had always that each member of the band was integral to the overall sound. None could be replaced. When I heard that Chris had left, I wanted Queensryche to just pack it in there and then. I didn't want reunuion tours, substandard albums with the name Queensryche on them, I just wanted my memories of a fine band, none of which could be repeated as an integral part of those memories would not be there.

Try to think of any other band who had stayed with their original line-up for 15 years - the only other one I can think of is U2. It's a testament to their character - both individually and collectively - that they lasted as long as they did.

If you don't have this album, don't bother with it. You're not missing anything.

The font used on this album is called Avalon Quest - unzip this zip file to your fonts directory.

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