Why are you still up?     Perhaps you need another shot?     Sweet dreams...you bastard
I remember now     I remember how it started     I can't remember yesterday.
I just remember doing what they told me...
Releases of Operation:Livecrime
Format Catalogue number Tracks
Operation:Livecrime [ sleeve 38kb ] [ promo sleeve 98kb ]
Box set with video, CD,
and 44 page libretto (1-15)
Video (1-15)
2002 reissue - CD with sticker (1-17) Buy from Amazon
DVD (1-15) Buy from Amazon
Operation:Livecrime sticker


1 I remember now
2 Anarchy-X
3 Revolution calling
4 Operation:Mindcrime
5 Speak
6 Spreading the disease
7 The mission
8 Suite Sister Mary
9 The needle lies
10 Electric requiem
11 Breaking the silence
12 I don't believe in love
13 Waiting for 22
14 My empty room
15 Eyes of a stranger
16 The lady wore black (live 5/10/91)
17 Roads to madness (live 5/10/91)

DVD hidden extras

From the disc's main menu go to the 'Bonus Features.' There, select the 'Discography' menu entry. Once you get to the discography screen go through the albums with the arrow keys on your remote control until you highlight 'The Warning.' Now press the 'Up' arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight the cover. Press 'Enter' now and you will be treated to a 5.1 Dolby Digital live recording of the song 'Roads To Madness' from the album. Although no video is shown, you will get to see the song's lyrics on the screen.

Once you get back to the Discography screen, go through the albums until you see the cover for the Queensr˙che EP, entitled 'Queensr˙che.' Once again, press the 'Up' arrow key and 'Enter' and you will get to listen to a 5.1 Dolby Digital live recording of the ballad 'The Lady Wore Black' from that album. Once again, no video is shown, but the lyrics will be displayed on the screen.

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Reviews of Operation:Livecrime
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Photos from the Operation:Livecrime era
DVD images
    Number 1 351kb
    Number 2 243kb
    Number 3 251kb
    Number 4 158kb
    Number 5 396kb
    Number 6 171kb
    Number 7 289kb
    Number 8 283kb
    Number 9 229kb
Features on Operation:Livecrime
  Metal Forces #67 December 1991  
My comments on the Operation:Livecrime era

I don't have too much to say about this. This is Queensryche's finest album - performed live. As a live experience, it's second to none - simply breath-taking. All rock music fans should own this.

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