Queensryche - Operation:Mindcrime
I look around my room is filled with candles
Each one a story but they end the same
Releases of Operation:Mindcrime
Format Catalogue number Tracks
Operation:Mindcrime [ sleeve ]
LP picture disc
French double CD pack
(second disc is 'Queen of the Reich')
1 I remember now
2 Anarchy-X
3 Revolution calling
4 Operation:Mindcrime
5 Speak
6 Spreading the disease
7 The mission
8 Suite Sister Mary
9 The needle lies
10 Electric requiem
11 Breaking the silence
12 I don't believe in love [ Bootleg remix mp3 ]
13 Waiting for 22
14 My empty room
15 Eyes of a stranger [ Video clip 2.05mb ] [ Live acoustic video, 2008 ]
2006 saw a cash-in release of the "Deluxe edition" of ...Mindcrime. The first CD contains the songs as listed above, with track 16 a live version of "The Mission" from London 14-15/11/1990, and track 17 "My empty room" from London 20/10/1994. The second disc is the whole of ...Mindcrime performed live in London 15/11/1990. Also included is a DVD of "Video:Mindcrime". The catalogue number for this release is 094636069220. Buy from Amazon
Waiting for Revolution - Queensryche remix
Overseeing the operation
10" 10QR1 Suite Sister Mary - Medley of I remember now; Revolution calling; Operation:Mindcrime; Breaking the silence; Eyes of a stranger
Review from Kerrang! 212 by Phil Wilding :- "Excerpts from 'Operation:Mindcrime' featuring 'Suite Sister Mary'", says the ridiculously fence-straddling 10" sleeve (featuring notes by the ridiculously famous 10" tall Mick Wall). So when is a single not a single? When it's a limited edition 10" sampler EP, that's when. The B-side is a clumsy three-and-a-half hour edit of the album's highlights that I forced myself to listen to - once. The band would hate it and so do I. Fortunately, the A-side 'SSM' is glorious, all soaring choral backing vox and a well over the top arrangement. But a single...do me a favour! And do yourself a favour - buy the bloody album and get yourself along to one of the shows. Much as I hate to say it, I have to agree. A completely pointless release.
Video MVP9911993 I remember now - Anarchy-X - Revolution calling - Operation:Mindcrime - Speak - Breaking the silence - I don't believe in love - Waiting for 22 - Eyes of a stranger - 'secret track'
Eyes of a stranger [ sleeve 41kb ]
7" (1+4)
12" (2,4-6)
12" gatefold sleeve (2,4-6)
CD (3,4,6,7)
12" promo AA side(USA) (1)
1 Eyes of a stranger 4.35
2 Eyes of a stranger 5.12
3 Eyes of a stranger
4 Queen of the Reich
5 Walk in the shadows
6 Take hold of the flame
7 Prophecy
I don't believe in love
US cassette single (1,2)
US promo CD (1,3)
[ Backing card 31kb | Disc 36kb ]
US 7" promo (1)
1 I don't believe in love
2 The needle lies
3 I don't believe in love/Waiting for 22 5.38
A message from X
MC (USA) 4XPRO04250 Fan club promo cassette (no music)
Revolution calling [ sleeve 52kb ]
promo CD (USA) DPRO04142 1 Revolution calling
Disease is rampant [ sleeve 47kb ]
CD live bootleg Buffalo March 1989 DRDB672 1 Queen of the reich
2 Anarchy-X
3 Revolution calling
4 Operation:Mindcrime
5 Speak
6 Spreading the disease
7 Take hold of the flame
8 Needle lies
9 Chemical youth (we are rebellion)
10 Eyes of a stranger
Nobility of toxic pharmaceuticals
LP live bootleg in Nassau 8/3/89 KINGRECORDS01 1 Queen of the reich
2 Revolution calling
3 Operation:Mindcrime
4 Speak
5 Spreading the disease
6 Take hold of the flame
7 Needle lies
8 Chemical youth (we are rebellion)
9 Eyes of a stranger
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Reviews of Operation:Mindcrime
  Album review
London 27/4/89 - it's just come into my head, 16 years later, that they were supported by Little Angels. Who were awful.
Photos from the Operation:Mindcrime era
GroupQueensryche 36kb
1988 promo b/w fully autographed 52kb
Metal Forces #29
    Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo 19kb
Metal Forces #33
    cover 71kb
    Eddie Jackson 19kb
    Chris DeGarmo 18kb
    Michael Wilton 21kb
Metal Hammer 11/88
    Cover 82kb
    Collage 76kb
    Overseeing the operation advert 65kb
    Group 89kb
Chris DeGarmo live 62kb
Geoff Tate live 81kb
Operation:Mindcrime logo wallpaper 800x600 144kb
Moody shot of Chris 80kb and band shot 135 kb from Kerrang 189
Black and white advert for Operation:Mindcrime 85kb
RAW #5
    Cover 42kb
    Group picture 24kb
    Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmoGeoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo 104kb
    Scott Rockenfield 21kb
Kerrang #235 (April 1989)
    Geoff live 32kb
    Chris and Geoff live 42kb
Kerrang #238
    Group live 23kb
    Chris live 27kb
Classic Rock October 2001
    Geoff & Chris live 20kb
    Geoff & Chris live 23kb
Chris and Geoff 179kb
Features on Operation:Mindcrime
  Chris Degarmo explains "Operation:Mindcrime" in his own words (from Metal Hammer, 6 June 1988).
Metal Hammer feature - not sure when from
Metal Forces #29 - July 1988
RAW #5 - October 1988
Kerrang 212 cover feature - November 1988
Metal Forces #33 - November 1988
Sounds 22-04-1989
Kerrang 235 - April 1989, just before they played their first headline show at the Hammersmith Odeon in London
Classic Rock March 2003 - an article on the album as it's placed second in the list of greatest concept albums, behind "Dark side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd.
Classic Rock October 2003 - Operation:Mindcrime re-visited
Interviews at blistering.com for MIndcrime's 20th anniversary - Pamela Moore, Scott Rockenfield, Mike Stone, Eddie Jackson, Michael Wilton
My comments on the Operation:Mindcrime era

Touring to promote this album saw Queensryche headline for the first time in the UK - three dates in England in November 1988. The set list was as follows :-

1 Queen of the Reich
2 Surgical strike
3 The whisper
4 Walk in the shadows
5 Chemical youth
6 No sanctuary
7 I remember now
8 Anarchy-X
9 Revolution calling
10 Operation:Mindcrime
11 Speak
12 Spreading the disease
13 The mission
14 Electric requiem
15 Breaking the silence
16 I don't believe in love
17 Eyes of a stranger
18 The lady wore black
19 Nightrider
20 Take hold of the flame
Queensryche in Hanley advert
They were supported at Rock City in Nottingham by Slammer, and at the Town and Country Club in London by Underneath What.

I believe this is the only time that 'No sanctuary' has been played on tour. This is a real shame, because it had been re-arranged into a beautifully haunting acoustic number that would have suited the 1992 'MTV Unplugged' set perfectly.
The Warning The Warning Rage for order Rage for order Empire Empire Promised land Promised land Hear in the now frontier Hear in the now frontier Q2K Q2K
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